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2021 Reading Sessions

Orff and Movement in the Elementary Classroom

Session 1: Over the past year, we've rediscovered the value of health and movement in our lives. Master Orff Specialist, Allison Tipler, inspires students to focus on body and mind while discovering wonders of the world through storytelling, movement and music – the Orff way!

Storytelling, movement and music are creatively woven for students to experience unique traditions, culture and geography. Spark students’ excitement with the discovery of ancient Egypt or dog sledding through the arctic. This session will highlight Allison's Orff resource "FUN with Music 'n Yoga Adventures" and also recommend some of her favourite Orff resources.

View the Video "FUN with Music 'n Yoga Adventures" and other excellent Orff Resources (Allison Tipler)

Sacred Choral

Thanksgiving/Advent/Christmas: Master clinician Brad Nix leads us into the new church year with fresh new music for Thanksgiving, Remembrance, Advent, Christmas and Epiphany.

Lent/Holy Week/Easter/Pentecost: Moving past the New Year, Brad Nix presents selected new music for Lent, Holy Week, Easter and Pentecost.

General Worship/Benediction: Brad Nix concludes with readings of newly-published music for general celebration suitable for all times of the year.

View the Video Thanksgiving/Advent/Christmas (Dr. Brad Nix)
View the Video Lent/Holy Week/Easter/Pentecost (Dr. Brad Nix)
View the Video General Worship/Benediction (Dr. Brad Nix)

Children's School and Community Choirs

Children's Classroom and Community Choirs: First steps in choral singing are easy to take with Diana Clark’s creative guidance! Classroom and community children’s choirs will have a season of fun and fulfilment with these great new selections. Unison and 2-part voicings open the doors for all young singers.

View the Video Children's Classroom and Community Choirs (Diana Clark)

Middle School and Community Choirs

Middle School and Community Choirs: Changing voices need to keep singing! Capture your singers’ hearts with newly-released concert, popular, and traditional music written for 2-part and 3-part mixed and equal voices.

View the Video Middle School and Community Choirs (Ray Horst and Willi Zwozdesky)

High School - Adult Choral

Easy Choral, High School - Community Choir: Start the season with terrific new originals and arrangements! Carefully chosen at an easy level, these new works in an array of styles make an excellent beginning for school and community choirs of any voicing.

Christmas & Winter Holiday, High School - Community Choir: Evergreen favourites and seasonal choral music in sparkling new arrangements fill the hall with convivial spirit. Welcome the winter season with all-new music from today’s leading writers!

Established High School & Community Choirs: A wealth of great new repertoire in all genres of contemporary art, popular, and world music is featured in this session for changed voices. Selections are perfectly suited to experienced equal- and mixed-voice choirs.

Advanced College - Community Choirs: Feast on challenging new concert and festival music for college and advanced community choirs! Canadian composer Mark Sirett leads this exploration of new works by emerging and established composers along with the finest arrangements of traditional, folk, and world music.

View the Video Easy Choral, High School - Community Choir (Ray Horst and Willi Zwozdesky)
View the Video Christmas & Winter Holiday, High School - Community Choir (Ray Horst and Willi Zwozdesky)
View the Video Established High School & Community Choirs (Ray Horst and Willi Zwozdesky)
View the Video Advanced College - Community Choirs (Mark Sirett)

Concert Band

Concert Band Repertoire Levels .5-1.5: While we have been very focused on adapting and making ways for music to safely continue, there have also been great strides in making band safe! When your ensemble is able to play together again, this session will provide some ideas for repertoire. The content will be a combination of music from last year that didn't get a chance to be played, and newly released titles for this year from any publishers who are releasing new concert band material.

Concert Band Repertoire Levels 2-4: As with the more accessisble repertoire, many new works didn't get as much air time as they deserved, In this session, we'll review some highlights of last year's offering, as well as the best of this year for more advanced concert bands.

View the Video Concert Band Repertoire Levels .5-1.5 (Dr. Shelley Axelson)
View the Video Concert Band Repertoire Levels 2-4 (Dr. Shelley Axelson)

Jazz Band

Jazz Ensemble Repertoire (All Levels): In this session, the focus will be on new and newer works for jazz ensemble, including adaptable charts. Jazz has long been flexible and adaptable, and can help keep bands playing while we are in smaller groups of people. Join Bijon as he walks through the ranges, levels, and teachable moments in these new works.

View the Video Jazz Ensemble Repertoire (All Levels) (Bijon Watson)

Adaptable Band

Resources for Adaptable and Traditional Band: Through the pandemic, we've all shifted and pivoted. As more and more people are able to make music with wind instruments, the repertoire has been able to shift and pivot with us. In this session, we will review some of the best loved and some of the newest resources for players in smaller than normal ensembles, and material available in collections to make the most of your budget and music making options. These collections range in level, style, and instrumentation.

Adaptable Band Repertoire Level .5-2: As more and more performers at all levels return to playing safely, the format of some ensembles may shift. There has been a significant movement to develop accessible repertoire for adaptable/flexible/chamber wind ensembles at all levels. This session will focus on repertoire for ensembles whose players are early in their development as musicians.

Adaptabe Band Repertoire Levels 2-4: For our third adaptable band session, the focus will be on developing and advancing levels of repertoire. We'll stay with flexible, adaptable, and chamber, but look at more advanced selections.

View the Video Resources for Adaptable and Traditional Band (Brian Balmages)
View the Video Adaptable Band Repertoire Level .5-2 (Brian Balmages)
View the Video Adaptabe Band Repertoire Levels 2-4 (Brian Balmages)

String Orchestra Repertoire

String Orchestra Repertoire: This year for the first time, Long & McQuade will be presenting a session on new works for string orchestra during our reading sessions! We are very excited to have seen the growth in the number of school based string orchestras over the last year and want to help provide repertoire ideas as these grow.

View the Video String Orchestra Repertoire (Megan Benjafield)

Guitar & Ukulele

Teaching Guitar Class through Ensemble Repertoire: Our guitar session talks about teaching guitar class through ensemble repertoire! In this session, Sam will take a look at the available resources and repertoire for guitar ensembles at all levels and how to get the most out of the ensemble for both the students and the teacher.

Guitar Ensemble Resource and Rep Handout

Ukulele Resources and Repertoire for Middle School, High School, and Community Groups: For that last number of years, ukuleles have been growing in popularity in all ages groups. There are some really great resources and repertoire that have been devleoped in this time and ensembles have started to spring up all across the country. This year probably more than any other, there have been a lot of ukulele ensembles in schools that are with older students than elementary, and great virtual community ensembles around the country. If you are new to this and need some ideas and resources, join Lynn in this session talking about some of those resources and learning to love a whole new instrument/ensemble.

Exploring Ukulele Resources - Handout

View the Video Teaching Guitar Class through Ensemble Repertoire (Samuel Bergstrom)
View the Video Ukulele Resources and Repertoire for Middle School, High School, and Community Groups (Lynn Tucker)


Deep Listening and Found Percussion - Learning Musical Literacy Without Horns: What can you do when the things you usually do aren't available to you? We've all faced this question repeatedly this year. In Gareth's session, he will share some ways he engages students in exploring the skills that are fostered in Band that carry forward into their other classes and life experiences. The session will explore deep listening and critically thinking about both sound and the nature of “what is music?”; creating compositions around found percussion with minimal notational understanding; and other in class and online activities that are simultaneously engaging and enriching so that students can experience the skills we forget we have even if Band isn't an option.

Deep Listening Google Drive Viewer

Strong Beat-ginnings: Starting and Developing Percussionists: Percussionists can be a unique breed, but teaching percussion doesn't need to be scary! Drawing from his experiences as both a professional percussionist and band director, Matt will share pedagogy tips, technique development ideas, and other information designed to help non-percussionists get in the groove. This session will focus primarily on developing a beginner percussionist, with applications in both a traditional wind band and/or percussion ensemble setting.

Repertoire for Developing and Advanced Percussion Ensemble: With so many places exploring percussion and percussion ensembles, where do they go after a year or so? In this session, Nathan Daughtrey will share all kinds of developing and advanced percussion ensemble repertoire from smaller groups to full ensemble.

Percussion Ensemble Handout

View the Video Deep Listening and Found Percussion - Learning Musical Literacy Without Horns (Gareth Bane)
View the Video Strong Beat-ginnings: Starting and Developing Percussionists (Matt Abraham)
View the Video Repertoire for Developing and Advanced Percussion Ensemble (Nathan Daughtrey)