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Repertoire for Middle School Choral

Changing voices need to keep singing! Capture your singers’ hearts with newly-released concert, popular, and traditional music written for 2-part and 3-part mixed and equal voices.
SKU Voicing Buy
SKU Voicing Buy
ALWAYS MY ANGEL ~ Jim Papoulis
759110 SAB Accompanied
AT CHRISTMAS TIME ~ Donnelly/Strid
731311 3pt Mixed Accompanied
731312 2pt Accompanied
BANAHA ~ Congolese/Robinson
731514 SAB Accompanied
731515 SSA Accompanied
HANDS ~ Martin Sedek
726345 SAB A Cappella
HOLD ON ~ Spiritual/Johnson
755949 SATB Accompanied
755951 SSAB Accompanied
755953 2pt Accompanied
755955 CD Accompaniment 
IL EST BEL ET BON ~ Passereau/Das
759217 SAB A Cappella
SIM SHALOM ~ Hebrew/Gray
727968 3pt Mixed Accompanied
731999 2pt Accompanied
732000 CD Accompaniment
STORM ~ James M. Desjardins
730943 SAB Accompanied
713209 SSA Accompanied
502748 2pt Accompanied
WANGOLO ~ Haitian/Gray
758775 3pt Mixed opt. A Cappella
758777 2pt opt. A Cappella
758776 TTB opt. A Cappella
758778 CD Accompaniment
WE’RE FROM BARCELONA ~ Lundgren/Sinclair
732610 SATB Accompanied