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Regina Session


Friday, August 31st

This year, Bill Kristjianson will be presenting our full day session in Regina. We will open the morning with some mental stretches and pedagogical ideas, then move into a discussion on new concert band repertoire, moving from easy to more advanced. Also on site will be the new catalogue and materials for new jazz ideas.

9:00 am - to 10:00 am Best practices for teachers and students (Bill Kristjianson)
10:00 am - to 10:15 am Coffee
10:20 am - to 10:45 am Discussion of New Music level ½-2 (Bill Kristjianson)
11:45 am - to 1:00 pm Break for Lunch
1:00 pm - to 1:45 pm Teacher Development session (Bill Kristjianson)
1:45 pm - to 3:00 pm Discussion of Repertoire Level 2½-4 (Bill Kristjianson)