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Halifax Sessions

Ways of Knowing: Beginner and Intermediate Rehearsal Techniques

Thursday, August 31st

When musicians begin to play an instrument in an ensemble setting they want to play as much as they can as soon as they can. We know that their experiences should be designed to develop a strong foundation. Ways of Knowing will demonstrate the importance of encouraging aural recognition and “playing by ear” and of challenging players to learn passages at multiple pitch levels. In turn, we will examine why considering not only what we want students to know but also how we want them to know it will affect the way we select and rehearse repertoire with our students.

9:30 am - to 10:30 am Ways of Knowing: Beginner and Intermediate Rehearsal Techniques (Wendy McCallum)
10:45 am - to 12:15 pm New Music Levels .5-2 (Wendy McCallum)

Repertoire: Year at-a-Glance

Thursday, August 31st

This session will center on how quality repertoire can enable teachers to employ innovative and effective teaching and rehearsal methods. The session will focus on aligning repertoire selection with curricular outcomes, shaping unit design and concept development, while incorporating repertoire at all grade levels throughout the day.

1:00 pm - to 2:00 pm Repertoire: Year at-a-Glance (Wendy McCallum)
2:15 pm - to 4:00 pm New Music Levels 2.5-4 (Wendy McCallum)